COVID-19 Info & Testing

COVID-19 Info & Testing


Most foreign countries, such as The U.S. and Canada have implemented requirements of a specific covid-19 test for both adults and children, showing negative results within 72 hours prior for re-entry. Please be sure to check with the country you are returning to and be sure to get the correct testing needed. Depending on the test required we have found the following nearby options (please reach out direct for pricing and types of testing): 

• For a mobile services that will come to you, we suggest Covid Express Mexico. This is appointment only. 
• There is a testing center near the entrance to Sayulita, located here. Walk in welcome for the Antigen test, appointment required for PCR.

Testing is now available at the Puerto Vallarta International airport. Please allow yourself extra time. Antigen testing can be done within a few hours. PCR you will need to go 24 hours in advance. We don’t recommend this option as it is an hour drive from San Pancho, so we feel it is better to take the test prior to leaving. 

It is important to make an appointment. Please make sure you are ordering the correct test required by the country you are returning to. This is important as the U.S. and Canada are requiring different tests. Also, make sure you receive your documented results within 72 hours before your flight departs to show proof to the airline.

In San Pancho, our beautiful beach is open along with businesses and restaurants, some of which, are following protective protocols and wearing masks. We encourage you to only support the businesses following these safety measures. 

On a local support level, Entreamigos continues to educate children as the schools are closed, maintain the recycling center to keep San Pancho clean and keep the library open for access to books and the internet. Entreamigos will continue to remain a center of support and education for small groups for children that need tutoring and help with their homework as schools in the entire country of Mexico have been closed since March of 2020. If you can contribute any amount it will be welcomed. Contributing on a monthly or yearly basis is even better. Right now they are the only entity in town providing support to those without jobs nor access to education. Check out their “ways to support” page to get involved!

At San Pancho Rentals & Real Estate, we have been working hard make sure we we are adhering to the needs of our clients and guests. Rest assured San Pancho travelers that we are here to make your travels and/or real estate transactions easy and safe during these challenging times! Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our community, staff and customers.

San Pancho Rentals & Real Estate, homeowners and staff are committed to the needs of our guests by providing the following:

  • We can now offer Travel Insurance that can work with your needs.
  • We have more flexibility with our cancellation policy.
  • All cleaning staff has been provided with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines including:
    • Wearing protective gear like disposable gloves, aprons or gowns, and facial coverings while cleaning.
    •  Ventilating rooms before and after they are cleaned.
    • Washing hands or using hand sanitizer thoroughly before and after each cleaning. 
    • Cleaning, then disinfecting using the right disinfectant.
    • Washing all linens at the highest heat setting recommended by the manufacturer.

We look forward to having you all back next season as the sun is out shining and will be awaiting your arrival!