Hello to all from San Pancho Rentals & Real Estate,

We hope this message finds you well and healthy in these challenging times.

We wanted to reach out to you regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak as many of you have been kindly checking in with us and interested in how our beloved San Pancho community is faring during the pandemic.

On March 16th, the entire country of Mexico closed all of the schools and by March 28th, residents of San Pancho decided to close the entrance to town to all non-residents. All non-essential, local businesses have been closed, the town entrance is blocked and only those who live here or those that are bringing in food and necessary supplies can go in and out.

Times are tough for everyone now, however, there is still good happening all over the world! Wonderful things are happening right here in San Pancho thanks to donations funneled through our local community center, Entreamigos (when translated means, “amongst friends”).

Entreamigos is providing support for the San Pancho residents through:

  • A regular weekly food bank, where over 100 bags of essential food items are passed out to families in need.
  • Supporting their 28 staff members from this season (being one of the largest employers in town, this is extremely important to the economy).
  • Continued recycling services throughout the town.
  • Assistance for scholarship students, including but not limited to school fees, tuition, backpacks, school supplies, personal hygiene supplies, money for shoes, school uniforms, and transportation.
  • Essential projects including strategic planning to prepare for the reopening of the center, developing a community vegetable garden and a strong focus on creating ongoing educational opportunities.

We understand the hardships everyone is going through in these uncertain times, but if you are able to help, you can do so most efficiently through tax deductible donations in the U.S. directly to Entreamigos. Please click on the following link or paste it into your browser: https://entreamigos.org.mx/donate-now/

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by this pandemic. The fear and unease in society is palpable; however, we are confident San Pancho and all of Mexico will recover. Since San Pancho is our home, we’ll be here to serve you with any concerns you may have regarding this charming paradise that has captured all of our hearts.

Amongst friends we can and will stay strong!